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Abbott’s Million Solar Roofs Project – Will it Work?

Tony Abbott’s plan to fund solar energy for one million Australian homes by 2020 is receiving a great deal of speculation from lawmakers and solar installers alike. The goal of the Million Solar Roofs Project is to reduce carbon emissions and address climate change. With PV installations and sales at an all-time low, the solar industry is in need of a serious game changer. Could Abbot’s plan be the ticket?

According to industry experts, the Million Solar Roofs Project can be successful if implemented correctly. Here are a few ways it may benefit the solar industry in the long run:

Expand the Solar Market – Instead of subsidising for target market sectors that are currently purchasing and installing solar systems, the new program will target new markets that wouldn’t normally install solar systems such as renters and landlords.

Subsidise Low Income Earners – Historically, low income earners have not been able to take advantage of solar due to the high costs. The Million Solar Roofs Project is designed to target low income earners with up to $500 for the installation of solar hot water or solar panels on their residence. Instead of subsidising for individuals who would install a system regardless of the rebate, this program will target a new market segment with the goal of adding an additional million rooftop solar systems.  

Boost the Solar Industry – An additional million solar system installations could be just what the industry needs to maintain jobs and boost sales during the current decline.